PVC Wood plastic foam board 40 bedplate
  • Price : 4 Yuan RMB / meter
  • Product Code : 8
  • Product Model : -

Short Description


Plastic wood is made of fine wood powder and PVC resin by one-time extrusion molding of mould by us of polymer foaming technology. The whole production process contains no any glue ingredient, completely avoiding harms to human body by released formaldehyde. As a double environmental-protection new material integrating dual advantages of wood and plasticswood plastic presents strong third dimension and concavo-convex surfaces and has some characteristics of no pollution, long life, heat insulation, fire and moisture protection, convenient installation, easy scrub and fashion and beauty, With the enhancement of national environmental protection strength and the process of the industry promotion, wood plastic will certainly cover building material, decoration, furniture, packaging, arts and crafts, transport, munitions and other industries.   40 bedplate, specification available in 3m, customizable

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