DreamMaker single-piece square flexible lip brush
  • Price : 1.67-1.85$
  • Product Code : 36
  • Product Model : -

Short Description


1. To make the lip contour clear and lipstick color uniform.

2. To adjust the local color of lip and depict delicate lip edge line; with three-dimensional sense.

3. To make lipstick and lip gloss evenly attached to the lips, accurately outline the lip, so that color is uniform and more durable.

4. It is made of imported fiber. The bristles feel soft and smooth, with solid and full structure; no hair shed. The brush gap is small, with high aggregation force. The bristles are flat and long, make it easier to master the strength. It brings lipstick coating with high accuracy and smooth line and helps draw more sophisticated lip shape.

Product Category (Required) Cosmetic brush
Shipping Port (required) Shenzhen
Product Type (required) lipbrush
Minimum order quantity (required) 1000
Unit of measure (required) Piece
Payment method (required) L / C, T / T, D / P, D / A and so on T/T
Monthly capacity (required) 10000
Lead Time (required) 7-30 days
Packing (required) OPP bag

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