6-piece animal fur cosmetic brush
  • Price : 4.37-4.73$
  • Product Code : 9
  • Product Model : -

Short Description


1. Selected high-quality bristle and rod, PBT fiber hair, loose powder, honey paint brush; the eyebrow brush adopts slender fiber, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, true profile while the latter brush adopts high quality fiber and soft hair;

2. Handle is flexible, with solid wood brush rod, smooth texture and aluminum tube. The texture is tough and not corroded, beautiful and durable;

3. Handmade, hand-crafted, sophisticated technology, only to provide comfortable experience.  

Product Category (Required) Cosmetic brush
Shipping Port (required) Shenzhen
Product Type (required) DM-T06HGYB
Minimum order quantity (required) 200
Unit of measure (required) Set
Payment method (required) L / C, T / T, D / P, D / A and so on T/T
Monthly capacity (required) 10000
Lead Time (required) 7-30 days
Packing (required) PU bag

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