Location Overview

Qingyunpu is an urban district ecologically suitable for both residence and business

Rich in water resources, the district has two lakes and three rivers, namely: Xianghu Lake, Meihu Lake, Fuhe River, Yudai River, and the moat. Particularly in recent years, the river system is better protected through the increased government investments at city and district levels on comprehensive environmental control and landscaping. The district now has a green area ratio of 43.7% with a per capita public green area of 15.6 square meters, and israted as the province's ecological county (district). In April ~ May 2017, the 4th Flower Expo of Jiangxi province will be held in Zhu Da Meihu Lake scenic area. The two campaigns initiated by the district, the "Visits to homes" for contacting and serving residents and the "Sunshine post roads" for serving enterprises are increasing their influences, with the former selected by CPC's leading group office for the masses route education practice; along with the increasing range and depth of the latter campaign, the district is further improving its environment for development and was awarded as the province's first county (district) of "Optimum Development Environment for Private Economy" and the first "Ten Preferred Places for Investment in Jiangxi". And as a result of the flourishing "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" campaign, the AVIC Yangtze River Designer's Industrial Park was inspected and fully affirmed by Premier Li Keqiang on August 23, 2016.

Qingyunpu is a rising and prosperous urban area

With the relocation of the provincial administrative center, Qingyunpu district has become the core of Nanchang metropolitan area, and is transforming from a small district to a big one, and from an old industrial area at the edge of the city to a downtown district for new industries. The Hongdu New Town in the east of Qingyunpu district, the Red Star Macalline Aegean Shopping Park in negotiation in the west, the Datang West Market project being pushed ahead in the south, and the Cross Street Wangfujing urban complex under construction in the north constitute the industrial support for the district and will greatly improve the urban landscape, upgrade the business modes and promote the human and cultural environment of the district. In 2015, the total gross regional product of the district was 29.02 billion yuan with a per capita GDP of 87,600 yuan, ranking respectively 5th among the province's 100 counties (cities, districts) and first in the city of Nanchang; the fiscal revenue of the district exceeded 4 billion yuan, ranking 9th among the province's 100 counties (cities, districts) and stably occupying a position in the first phalanx of the province.

The 12th Cpc Congress Of Party Representatives Of Qingyunpu District held shortly before has defined the "Four Ones" strategy, namely: Stick to One general objective of "taking the lead to build an overall well-off district": Around the synchronous objective with the city to take the lead in the province to establish an overall well-off society, make clear that during the "Thirteenth Five" period, the district's economic growth rate should be higher than the province's average level, that its average per capita GDP should remain at the forefront of the province, that its income of urban and rural residents should be increased in step with economic growth, and that the ecological quality should go ahead of the province's average level. Focus on One main approach of "comprehensive transformation": Around the "innovative" development concept, promote the industrial upgrading; around the "coordinated" development concept, promote regional upgrading; around the "green" development concept, promote the content upgrading; around the "open" development concept, promote energy upgrading; around the "sharing" development concept, promote the development upgrading, thus making every effort to build a demonstration area of the relocation and renovation of the country's old industrial bases. Paint One new picture of "human cultural ecological wise garden" Relying on the old industrial base, pay more attention to the harmony with the nature, lay more emphasis on the humanity, and seek more comfortable and suitable residences, forming a distinctive development model for "post-industry civilization". Build an urban ecological civilization, in which the production space is intensive and efficient, the living space is livable and moderate, the ecological space is clean and beautiful, and the human cultural environment is harmonious and healthy, painting a new picture of "eco + human + transformation". Create One big pattern of "new town of urban industries": As the relocation and renovation of Hongdu old industrial area are advancing, and along with the construction of the Hongdu New Town, Qingyunpu district will, depending on the good location and policy opportunities, take the urban industries as the orientation for its industrial transformation, and through the overall promotion of regional, industrial, quality and function upgrading, build a prosperous, harmonious, wise, humane, and ecological Qingyunpu.