Industrial Overview

Lingnan (Jiangxi) Wisdom Industrial Park

This project is settled at the Chengnan Village Industry Building which is located south to the Chengnan Road and north to the Xinxi Bridge Road. The building was originally the Jiuzhun hotel supplies market, and after the introduction by the district government, it was reconstructed by Guangzhou Lingnan International E-commerce Co., Ltd. into a modern E-commerce industrial park. Covering a total area of about 15 acres and with a total GFA of about 33,000 square meters, the project is divided into four major functional areas: the corporate office area, the warehousing and logistics area, the training area, and the R&D and demonstration area. Taking E-commerce as the mainline for development, the park built an E-commerce transaction platform with B2B and B2C as its core, introduced e-commerce, information software, design development, warehouse logistics and a series of other companies that develop around the E-commerce industry, and covered the direct or related E-commerce links including E-commerce talent training, cross-border e-commerce, third party warehousing, Internet financial, platform operation, agent operation, platform service, software system development, data analysis, etc.

The Haitao Hall on the ground floor was opened on April 28, 2016, settling more than 10 businesses, with a turnover of about 920,000 yuan ever since. The second floor is expected to settle 46 enterprises, and up till now the from Hangzhou, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical, Fashion Rural Networking, Weimob Wechat Businesses Group Jiangxi Party, Jiangxi "Panorama City" O2O E-commerce platform have settled in and begun decoration. With the park's construction being completed and its supporting facilities being gradually perfected, and with the full landing of the Lingnan E-commerce school and the E-commerce incubation base for the students ventures and traditional enterprises, more economic and social benefits will be brought to Jiangxi province; in the future, Lingnan E-commerce Park will attract more quality E-commerce enterprises from  Nanchang and Jiangxi province to settle in, forming an E-commerce industrial concentration to fully play its role of incubation and promotion for the E-commerce industry.

Changnan E-commerce Creative Industrial Park

The Changnan E-commerce Creative Industrial Park was invested and constructed by Nanchang Changqiang Clothing Co., Ltd, and is located in the Changnan Industrial Park, 666 Baofo Road, Qingyunpu district. The project occupies about 27 acres of land with a total GFA of 88,813.91 square meters. The project is constructed in two phases: the first is a comprehensive E-commerce building of an area of 32,616.32 square meters, which has been laid foundation and begun construction; the second phase will be production plants, with a total area of 56,197.59 square meters. Specifically it will contain 10 functional areas including the E-commerce office area, the training and education area, and product experience area, etc. It started construction in early August 2015 and will be put into operation in December 2016. With a total investment of 178.8489 million yuan, it is expected to reach an annual output of 5 million pieces of knitted garments and attract 5 E-commerce companies each with an annual production of over 10 million yuan. After the construction is completed, it plans to serve 800 E-commerce enterprises and 120 traditional enterprises, and create nearly 3,000 jobs. It will create the largest and most powerful third party E-commerce training base in Jiangxi province, and is anticipated to output more than 1,000 E-commerce talents to Jiangxi market. The park also will make full use of spare industrial premises to open up micro e- business zone and college student entrepreneurs’ incubation zone, promoting the innovative capabilities of enterprises and self-employed college students.