Culture & Customs

Qingyunpu is an urban district rich in cultural heritage

In Qingyunpu, we have the "Red" culture represented by Chen Yun's former residence and Jianlian Patriotism Education Base, the "Green" culture by Xianghu Lake and Meihu Lake, the "Blue" culture by Yuan Dynasty's civil navigator Wang Dayuan, the "Ink color" culture by Zhu Da, the "Ancient color" culture by Xu Ruzi, Mei Fu and other historical figures, the industrial culture by Hongdu old industrial base, the legal culture by Mei Ju-ao, and the religious culture by Qingyunpu Monastery and Xu Zhenjun, the founder of Taoist Jinming denomination. In the district, we have the Memorial Hall of Zhu Da, Meihu Art Center, Cheng Yunxian Sculpture Museum, Guanying Square (the municipal museum), the Museum of South China, the Iron Prop Longevity Palace, Jianglian Patriotism Education Base and many other historical and cultural resources, as well as the south city colored lanterns, Sampan King Temple's dragon boat races and other provincial-level intangible cultural heritage.