City Overview

Introduction to Qingyunpu District

Located in the southern part of Nanchang City, the district is named after the "Qingyunpu Monastery" (now Memorial Hall of Zhu Da) in its territory, known as "south resort of the city, fair land of the world." Covering an area of approximately 43.2 square kilometers, the district is divided into 5 sub-districts (Sandian, Hongdu, Xufang, Jingshan and Daishan), 1 town (Qingyunpu Town), and 1 provincial-level industrial park (Changnan Industrial Park). The district has 73 community residents committees and 12 villager's committees in total, with a population of about 320,000. Among the 9,082 CPC members in the district, 1,452 are in service in organs and institutions, 7,159 in communities (villages) and 471 in non-public enterprises; the district's 413 primary level CPC organizations include 27 committees, 22 general branches and 364 branches, and among them 102 are in non-public enterprises and 46 in social organizations.

Qingyunpu District is an old industrial area with a remarkable reputation.

Early in the "First Five" and "Second Five" (Five-Year Plan Of China) years, the district saw the establishment of 25 large and medium sized state-run factories, including Hongdu Machinery Factory, Jiangxi Automobile Factory and other state, provincial or municipal level enterprises. As the birthplace of China's first airplane, first wheeled tractor, first motorcycle and first missile, the district is the cradle of industry of Jiangxi province. Today in the district there are still a number of well-known manufacturers: Jiangling Group, Hongdu Group, Nanchang Banknote Printing Plant, Nanlan Group, Nanchang Asia Beer, Sunshine Dairy, etc. In March 2013, Hongdu old industrial area was listed in the state's old industrial areas restructuring and transformation plan, as the province's only urban area listed. In March 2014, Hongdu old industrial area was included into the 21 pilot areas for the country's old industrial areas relocation and transformation, which provides 10 years of support for Qingyunpu district's transition and development. The construction of Hongdu New Town has been listed into the city’s "Thirteenth Five-year plan" program. The relocation of Hongdu Airport will release 3 square kilometers of net land, which can create 4.2 million square meters of construction area for 60,000 to 80,000 new residents, and will be made a central cultural area, the "Cultural Valley of Jiangxi", and the "Heart of Nanchang".